Comfy Goody Ouchless Tresses Clips

I published awhile ago about the many comfortable plastic material headband that I found out from the Goody Ouchless selection.

I’ve become attempting out even more of their items to analyze this entire “ouchless” concept to discover out if they’ve actually accomplished their study and in some way made plastic material hair components comfortable.

I am delighted to document that the Goody Ouchless selection now offers a 100% money-back assurance if you don’t discover the item that you possess bought to become comfortable! You actually can’t proceed incorrect with that.

My fresh discovery is definitely the OuchlessFlex Claw Clips. I contact these factors “banana clips” but I suppose they are usually really known as “claw videos.” Once again, I have got always enjoyed them and believed they had been the best method to perform an excellent seeking updo, but they had been therefore uncomfortable. These Goody OuchlessFlex videos are produced from a versatile plastic material that really squishes when you press on it. This enables you to perform items like easily lean back again in a seat or on the terrain, which you certainly couldn’t perform with a difficult item of plastic material connected to your mind. I appreciate finding items that are usually super inexpensive, simple to discover, and combine style with functionality!


The Goody OuchlessFlex Claw Clips are obtainable in three sizes and are usually obtainable at many drugstores.

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